Standing under an oh so romantic set of fireworks on the eve of 2013, I found myself not only thinking of the copious streams of alcohol that were to follow, but trying to delve into my brain for the over-hanging ‘resolution’ that would ring in my ears for the next few days, which we all know oh-so-well mostly ends in guilt and resentment (sorry to be the pessimist).  So it goes, 2014 arrived with a lack of aspiration to quit the bad and increase the good. L and behold, I took it to a more realistic and simplistic direction, let’s say more achievable than a diet or finding the solution to poverty.  It was and is merely the desire to have a damn exciting year of hard work and a lot of play!

It doesn’t end there. From all this deep thinking struck the most profound thought of them all – the ultimate resolution, of perhaps the first fourteen days of 2014 would be to find the perfect pin-striped shirt and the best fitting pair of jeans for this booty.  Sounds like a perfect way to bring in the New Year to me.  Happy 2014 friends!

Enjoy a few style snaps to bring in the new year. 


[all photos not mine unless stated]

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