I am not certain why my sneakers/joggers/sandshoes - however you like to distinguish - collection has come to overwhelm my wardrobes bounty of shoes, but all I know is that it has done so in a vengeance, and there is no turning back.  For sure high heels have taken a step back in precedence, yet my hoard of runners has not stemmed from the discomfort of the podiatry hell that is a heel, but rather the downplaying and coolasizing of any outfit. NB: strictly not to be worn with athletic clothing.  Ironically, however, New Balance sneakers are simply disgorged from the high-fashion world. Nike may have a small place in the heart of fashion street style, but unfortunately I can't see Anna or Karl rocking them anytime soon.  

Maybe I am attempting the resurrection of my pre-pubescent years where bounding around in sneakers made life care free and simple. Undeniably, however, they can't take a place as being 'cool' then, so how is the generic 'sneakers' cool now?  Perhaps my pitiful blind attempt at being hip. I hate the word.  

But, in summation, I'm thankfully not attempting to be a tween skater, but rather when I tie the knot on a pair of sneakers, paired with a pencil skirt, slouchy or otherwise jeans, I finally feel the 'effortlessly cool' that I envy in so many others.  So ladies, bring on the sneakers! 

Photos via: Oyster, Tommyton, tumblr. 

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