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After spending a week in Bali I have a new found respect for Resort collections and their importance in a woman’s wardrobe. Although the simplicity and undying comfort of wearing just a bikini and a sarong is so tempting, it seems to get old quick on the style radar.  Despite my attempts to wrap it round myself in every possible odd arrangement (even as a nappy style pair of shorts) I had to finally give in to the sometimes lack of versatility that comes with one piece of draping (and usually fashion faux par print) of a sarong. Sigh.

Braving the sweltering heat, that low and behold only graces Tasmania with once or twice a year is a challenge for the female wardrobe.   Sweat in every crevice of the body (EVERY crook and cranny) just raises itself as one of the delicious problems of 30 degree plus weather.  So ladies and gents, it is about comfort, but more so finding the balance between the exceedingly lazy sickly security of a sarong and a more subdued fashion forward feel.  Though a flowery print with birds singing in trees won’t kill anyone, I rather steer clear for the most part in this instance.  In reference to the major feel of Resort 2014, it is all about taking a minimalist approach. Think white on white, tonal hues and light denim – see Celine, Theyskens’Theory, 10 Crosby Derek Lam and Thakoon.  Ah the beauty of ugly fashion.  Massive relaxed pants, Birkenstocks and a belly showing crop, rather beautiful if you ask me. 

Here is some of my inspiration for the summer months. 

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