Back to the 90s

This week I have had a revived love for double denim, maybe even triple denim if I was feeling outrageous.  It may be because of my deplorable effort to ever try wear the onesie of sturdy cotton twill garments. Maybe it is because I have never had the right combo of denim, however that is just one of the many excuses I used to justify impulse shopping on a regular basis.  A bit of critical thinking of the mind however (oh dear gahd), it appeared to me that it was just out of fear of looking like a boot-scooting Texan about to hoist myself up onto my stallion. Agh!

I kick (more fittingly 'buck') myself at times for shying away from stepping outside of our comfort zone with my style, as sometimes basics just ain't stud enough for the fashion arena.  Some may say 'pfftt' double denim is not extreme - well probably not - but with a Texan ranger feeling the vibe is  unfortunately crushed.  BUT lads and lasses, I took the leap and shook up my wardrobe with a bit of double trouble this week.  I let go of my fear and felt rather 'dashing' actually!!

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