Josh strikes again with another guest post. 

After attending a school with regulations about uniform & clean-cut appearance all my life, I’ve found starting my course at university has uncovered some pretty interesting styles of day-to-day wear on a regular basis. Aside from all the unquestionable fashion demi-gods that rock sneakers and jeans, or a style of jumper most guys wore when they were 13, there have been a few common looks I’ve noticed and haven’t half minded.  As my school used to have a pretty hard line policy on hair length, I’ve taken 2013 upon myself to grow it out to resemble a proud lion’s mane and it seems that way with quite a few others.

The trend of the male ‘samurai bun’ is something I’d never seen before uni and after a little bit of time I’ve warmed up to it. Although a warning that with some people it looks absolutely ridiculous on (this is to you, the Michael Cera lookalike in my economics lectures). As I am absolutely ignorant to some of the ‘in’ designers these days, Lizzie has informed me that the likes of Olivier Theyskens & Alexander Wang are the best in fashion at sporting this style – maybe something for me to strive to recreate!

In my opinion the key for the success of a male ‘samurai bun’ is to grow your hair out to about shoulder length and from there you can have a crack at it, don’t be fooled into thinking you can look cool with a few centimeters of hair wrapped in a hair tie or with shaved sides repping the mohawk style, it honestly is just a rats tail located ever so slightly higher and thicker.

So as 2013 is my year of hair length freedom, the shackles of those bimonthly haircuts are undone and my golden locks are unleashed. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see me messing around with some styles within a year or so

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