With the conclusion to the annual event of my boyfriend’s one shoe purchase for the year, it got me to thinking of classics.  I am not quite sure how one can simply survive with a single pair of shoes for day-to-day use, but he proved me to be a guilty over indulger in the footwear department.  So, if we played our cards right, would it be possible to have a day-to-day wardrobe of fashion energy with just a few of each essential?  Yes, it would be bloody hard, but with the power of a few classic pieces of clothing, I reckon the minimal can be transformed into a big fat swanky wardrobe! Phwallaa!

As I started thinking about what this supposedly amazing basics wardrobe would consist of, my list quickly became a decadent combination of absolutely everything I would want in a wardrobe, minus a ball gown.  So, after careful consideration and a painful experience of getting back to reality, I came up with a basic basics list.   Feast your eyes of my frightfully slim list of basics wardrobe survival:

Boyfriend jeans / Structured white shirt / Converse-New Balance-Nike / Plain baggy t-shirt / Leather boots / Leather jacket / Slim line pant / Straight dress / Neutral Coloured knit / Trench jacket / Sloppy beanie / Suede – leather handbag / And a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses, just for good measure. 

My primary go to designers for basics would be Alexander Wang (+ T By AW), Acne  for a crisp, fresh shirt and for snazzy boots, Rag & Bone for your jeans, Bassike, Jac & Jack and  Theyskens’ Theory. 

Yes, one would wear these items to death, however this time all those one-pair-of-shoe-boyfriends out there are out numbered.  Sorry fellas, but a girl’s got to go shopping and got to have more than a basic look, period.   

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