My daily overdose of Instagram may not fuel an overly healthy lifestyle, but it sure is energizing my lifestyle as a fashion addict.   It has become my most accessible form of insight into the fashion world through endless scrolling, not to mention the close knitted sneak peak into the lives of fashion, music or street art icons.  Let’s be blatantly honest, it brings out the inner-stalker in all of us. Whether it is a lifestyle crush, a style crush or a just down right infatuation with a particular ‘grammer, Instagram provides an immediate up-to-date check in with what is currently dominating and what is dwindling in the ever-changing fashion industry.  For regular updates of fashion stimulating juiciness think @galagonzalez, @chungalexa, @hannegabysees and  @stefbambi  (so many more ‘amazingnesses’ that I haven’t mentioned). And on larger company based terms think: @topshop, @oraclefoxblog, @streetstyled and @oystermagazine.  

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