The foundation of every wardrobe is basics.  And like wine they get better with age.  One piece - the leather jacket - definitely evolves into something much more magnificent than when you bought it.   I am a religious leather jacket wearer; one might say I am a leather extremist.  My limitations on how I wear leather extend to most outfit get-ups that is until it comes to leather jumpsuits.  Erm…dominatrix isn’t really the look I try to echo.  Actually the utmost opposite.  I typically stray away from the power leather can give a woman.  Alternatively I would place my topical fashion-leather self into the category of pre-pubescent boy.   Think a sleek cropped leather jacket paired with a sweater, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a pair of worn-out converse and a cap or a beanie to top it off.  Layer me up baby!  And to really finish it off, don’t do anything. Leave your hair messy and whack on a shade of lipstick with no make-up, for easy-going femininity.   A no brainer. It’s actually a bit of fun defying the boundaries of gender in fashion, or maybe it is just me being idiotic and lazy.  You decide. 

Think of Givenchy A/W 13.  For me it was perhaps the most exciting collection in resonance with the pre-pubescence boy, embodying the sweater and leather combination.  No one is more accountable for fashion’s present fascination with the sweatshirt than Tisci.  Givenchy saw its show open with a sweatshirt adorned with Bambi, and more Disney representations emblazoned the rest of the show.  However, it wasn’t all cutsie as the grunge of plaid and leather, and oversized sweaters stole most of the attention.  So, despite the models heads, excuse the slight hyperbole, looking like the female genital region, Tisci exemplified the perfect balance of layers, hardness versus softness and femininity versus masculinity.  Utter brilliance.  

Givenchy A/W 13 

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