Jag pratar lite svenska.  I may speak little Swedish but I definitely speak fluent AcneI’m not talking about the spots on your face, although I may be quite articulate in acne-fighting brands that are on the market. Oh the painful years of puberty!  However, contrary to my pimpled years, I do have an extremely soft spot for Swedish brand Acne

Over fifteen years, from 100 pairs of unisex jeans, Acne has become an iconic global label.  More personally, however, it has become my fashion-go-to for every season.  So when the label took a Parisian excursion this season to exhibit their Autumn/Winter collection, I was eagerly waiting on style.com to get a first look at what Johnny Johansson had to offer, and hell yeah it was worth the wait.

Johansson definitely continues to expand his vision way beyond a pair of jeans with red-stitching.  This season saw a foundation of looks exploring historical garments from the Musée Galliera, the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris, which saw many prints inspired by the inside structure of the antique garments.   This saw pops of fabulous colour and fabric choice, giving the show a high-energy exhilaration.   With this plethora of creative direction also came an abundance of layered silhouettes, oversized designs, super-extended hemlines and deconstructed tailoring.   My only criticism would be that it might have been nice to see some garments a bit stripped back, to be more relevant to the modern women’s wardrobe.  But what the hell, they were forgiven, as Johansson made sure to add my favourite element of any collection – toughness.   Let’s just say I was a very happy customer to see some leather come down the runway. 

Vi ses! (see you)

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