When do ugg boots become a fashion trend? I am going to say never.  If I have to admit to my most delinquent laziness as a fashion addict, it would have to be sliding into a pair of sheepy uggs at the end of the day.  However, saying this, I don’t give permission for them to leave the house.  They are a stay at home pet.  They never need to be taken for a walk.  They are known for their impeccable metabolism, evident through their flattening out over time, an indication of how often they are found necessary in the home.  Yes, I may have a small love affair with my ugg boots, but let’s be honest; they are hideously ugly and can only be matched with a pair of track pants.  Even if the track pants you are wearing are velure, they are still not respectable in the public eye.  So even if some budding designers are going to push for the ugg boot trend. I am going to buck them down, because ugg boots having acceptance outside the home would take away the truly beautiful indulgence of putting them on at the end of the day, to soothe your blistering high heeled stricken feet.  

Take my hard words, fashion is pain, fashion is pain.  

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